Pumpkin Spice Cholatte

by Mikuna Foods

By: Erica Lovelace

It’s officially Pumpkin Spice season, and we have a protein packed Pumpkin Spice “Cholatte” to help you warm up and feel festive. Try it yourself and tag us at @mikunafooods!

2 tablespoons of unsalted butter
1⁄2 cup light brown sugar packed
1⁄4 cup unsweetened pumpkin puree
2 teaspoons of McCormick’s pumpkin spice seasoning
3⁄4 cup of water
1 pinch of fine sea salt
2 tablespoons of Vanilla Chocho Superfood Protein
2 shots of your favorite espresso
1⁄2 cup of your favorite milk

1. Melt the butter over medium heat in a non-stick skillet.

2. Add the brown sugar and cook on medium heat for approximately 3 minutes, be sure to stir often to avoid burning. Cooking the sugar and butter will create a tasty, brown caramel.

3. Mix in the pumpkin puree and water to create a thick syrup.

4. Season the syrup with the pumpkin spice powder, sea salt and Vanilla Chocho Superfood Protein. Remove from heat.

5. Depending on your sweetness preference, add 1-2 tablespoons of pumpkin spice syrup to the bottom of your favorite mug.

6. Prepare a latte using your favorite machine whether a Nepresso or a Chiellini Rocket and add the hot espresso to the top of your syrup.

7. Next, froth 1⁄2 cup of your favorite milk using warm milk and a milk frother or the steam extension of your espresso machine.

8. Pour the frothed milk over the hot espresso and pumpkin syrup. Finally, top with a dash of additional pumpkin spice seasoning.


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