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Mikuna x Taylor Knox

In the ocean or at the gym, Mikuna ambassador Taylor Knox fuels his performance with clean plant protein.

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Mikuna x Taylor Knox

Why Taylor loves Mikuna

Our long-term partnership with Taylor began because he believes in the power of Chocho.

It’s a clean superfood.

“Mikuna is incredible because it has one ingredient. You can’t get more pure than that.”

“It’s really f***ing good.”

“I probably have two a day.
One in the morning and one in the afternoon.”

It’s packed with nutrients.

“It’s so high in protein and amino acids, it gives me enough energy to go surf for a few hours without eating a full meal.”

Stir this versatile plant protein into your coffee like Taylor, add a scoop to your favorite smoothie, or use it as a flour replacement in the kitchen.
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“49,” a film about
pushing limits

This film is the second installment in a series celebrating Taylor’s contributions to the surf community highlighting how he strives to be “one of the best 49-year-olds in the world.”

Watch “49”
“I wanted to surf at a high level so I was always looking for an advantage as far as nutrition goes. Getting to know Mikuna through my own experience, it was just the perfect formula for me.”
Taylor Knox Mikuna ambassador,
professional surfer, and lover of
the Cacao flavor