Chocho Superfood Protein Cacao

Chocho Superfood Protein

Fuel energy levels to elevate your performance. This whole, plant-based superfood supplement powder is instantly absorbed and delivers superior levels of bioavailable, functional adaptogenic plant protein deeply nourishing and harmonizing the body.

  • Non-Isolate, Whole Food Protein

  • 10/10 Essential Amino Acids

  • Packed With Fiber, Vitamins & Minerals

  • Easy to Digest, Bioavailable, Lectin Free*



A Whole Food 

Plant Protein

Chocho is a whole plant protein, meaning it is a non-isolated form of protein so you get the max amount of nutrients with minimal processing. Chocho is naturally 50% protein by weight, higher than any other plant-based protein source.

Why Chocho?

This ancient crop grows high in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains, along the Inca Trail, at an elevation of 11,000- 14,000 ft. Rooted in the world’s most nutrient dense soils and native to Ecuador, ‘CHO-CHO’ is a regenerative crop that is solely rainwatered, drought tolerant and native to the Andes Mountains. 

It is one of the world’s richest sources of plant protein, contains a complete amino acid profile, and is rich in Omegas, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin E, as well as dietary fiber. Most importantly it is a whole food protein. 

Non-isolated, non-extracted.

How to Enjoy Chocho Superfood Protein

Chocho is a great addition to any of your favorite recipes! Great for post workout drinks, smoothies, baked goods, bowls and more!

1. Add two scoops of protein for every 8fl. oz.
2. Mix the powder until fully dissolved.
3. Add to smoothies, shakes, or your favorite healthy recipes!

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