The Exclusive Protein of the Erewhon Tonic Bar

"When you get it right, pass it on."


The Regenerada 2.0 Smoothie

Available at all Erewhon locations for the month of July.


Featuring Chocho Superfood Protein by MIKUNA, Açai, Dates, Blueberries, Lucuma, Coconut Cream, Coconut Water, Sea Salt.

Join the regenerative movement today with a smoothie that’s as delicious as it is impactful.

Introducing the Regenerada 2.0 Smoothie - a celebration of the global regenerative movement. From the high-altitude mountains of the Andes in Ecuador, where Chocho is nurtured, to the lush subtropical rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon, where acai thrives, farmers, growers, and ingredient suppliers are passionately embracing regenerative agriculture practices.

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In Partnership with Farmer's Footprint

We are thrilled to partner with Farmer's Footprint to amplify our shared commitment to regenerative agriculture, promote sustainable food practices, and inspire positive change in the food industry and beyond.


Farmer’s Footprint is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on storytelling, consumer education and community-building to advance the regenerative movement. Farmer’s Footprint was founded in 2019 by Zach Bush, MD when his path as a physician led him to research the intersection of soil health and the human microbiome, and to discover the transformative potential of regeneration taking root in farming communities across the US. Sitting at the intersection of human and planetary health, Farmer’s Footprint collaborates with individuals, non-profit organizations and brands to co-create educational content and real-world opportunities to build community and share stories of regeneration with global audiences.  

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Chocho Superfood Protein

Supports Regenerative Agriculture

Sourced Directly from Indigenous Farmers

Solely Watered with Rainwater

Fixes Nitrogen into the Soil

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Find Chocho Superfood Protein at Erewhon

Hot Bar

Try Erewhon's Chocho Protein Pancakes featuring Mikuna at the Erewhon Hot Bar, exclusively available on weekends.

Protein Aisle

Find Chocho Superfood Protein in the protein aisle at all Erewhon locations.

Tonic Bar

Add Chocho Superfood Protein to any smoothie or beverage at the Tonic Bar.


Order Chocho to Your Doorstep

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Farmer's footprint • GARDEN CLUB

Join the Regenerative Movement

The Farmer's Footprint Garden Club invites you to join a vibrant community where gardening is a joyful journey, and mistakes are just part of the fun. Learn the essentials of regenerative gardening and land-based living with year-round support from expert gardeners and fellow enthusiasts from around the world.

This year, MIKUNA is excited to offer an exclusive discount to our community. It’s a fantastic way to engage with the regenerative movement and become a changemaker in your local area.

We’re thrilled to offer our Mikuna community 15% off the annual membership pricing for The Farmer’s Footprint Garden Club.

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