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whole food
plant protein
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Proudly lectin-free.

Commonly found in grains, nightshades, and legumes, lectins are proteins known to cause bloating and digestive problems.

Our natural debittering process removes these "anti-nutrients," so in addition to being delicious, all of our products are lectin-free. Because when you eat well, you should feel well.

Meet Chocho,
the Andean super protein

Cultivated by Indigenous farmers for centuries along the Inca trail in the Andes, Chocho is an ancient crop with superior benefits.

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A complete plant protein, Chocho is naturally packed with calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, plant fiber, 9/9 essential amino acids, and more protein than any other plant source on the planet.

Best of all, Chocho is regenerative: for the body, the soil where it grows, the Andean farming communities, and the planet as a whole.

People dig Chocho

“Mikuna has been a game changer for my active lifestyle and provides me with the best plant-powered protein that I need to keep me performing at the highest level.”
Leticia Bufoni,
6x X Games Gold
Medalist Skateboarder
“My body works better when I have enough protein. Mikuna sustains my energy longer and I don’t get hungry as quickly.”
Taylor Knox,
Professional Surfer and Entrepreneur
“I’ve always wanted a protein powder that’s clean, and Mikuna is as clean as it gets with just one simple ingredient — Chocho.”
Mick Fanning,
3x Champion of The Association of
Surfing Professionals’ World Tour

Power without the flour

Why stop at smoothies? Perfect for blending and baking, Chocho is an ultra-versatile, gluten-free flour alternative that can boost nutrition into any dish.

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