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Wegmans, meet Chocho

The main ingredient in Mikuna, Chocho is a clean plant protein grown at 11,000-14,000 feet in the Andes Mountains.
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Mikuna does more (with less)

20g of protein per serving
29% of your daily fiber
9/9 essential amino acids
1 or 5 ingredients
No lectins,* gluten, dairy, soy, pea, blends, fillers or artificial sweeteners.
*Lectins are known to cause bloating and digestive issues that plant proteins are famous for. Mikuna is lectin-free, because fuel this good should feel good.

More importantly, Chocho is a regenerative crop

As it grows, this powerful plant pulls nitrogen deep into the soil, improving soil vitality and water retention capacity. It’s good for you, good for Indigenous farmers and good for the planet.

Mikuna is proud to be a certified B Corporation, and we will continue to strive to leave this planet better than we found it.

Comparing plant proteins

It’s not just for smoothies

Mikuna is a versatile plant protein that can be used as a flour replacement for both sweet and savory recipes, giving your customers even more ways to incorporate it into their routines.

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Don’t take it from us…

“This Ecuadorian-owned brand offers a protein powder that’s good for you and the planet!”

“If there’s a category of superfoods that has the potential to surpass super, Mikuna’s line of Chocho protein products aspires to claim that title.”

“…blend seamlessly into anything from smoothies to veggie burgers.”


What is Chocho?
This ancient superfood grows at 11,000-14,000 feet in the Andes Mountains. It’s packed with whole food nutrition and it benefits the body, the planet and the Indigenous farmers who grow it.
What’s in Mikuna?

Pure Chocho:
Chocho. That’s it! Mikuna Pure Chocho is made from just one ingredient. (When we say “clean,” we mean it.) No sugar, no dairy, no artificial sweeteners, and no fillers.

Vanilla and Cacao:
Mikuna Vanilla and Cacao are each made from just five clean ingredients, including coconut, monk fruit and a bit of sea salt. It’s free from artificial sweeteners and Stevia.

What makes it different from the other protein powders?

Aside from having just one ingredient, Mikuna is free from gluten, soy, pea and lectins — carb-binding proteins known to cause the digestive issues that give plant protein powders a bad rap.

Mikuna is grown and harvested in Ecuador, prepared using a traditional Andean debittering process, and milled into a fine powder before being sent to the US. No fillers. No blends.

What does it taste like?
Mikuna Pure Chocho has a neutral taste that’s perfect for smoothies, bowls, oatmeal, coffee and even as a flour replacement for sweet and savory preparations in the kitchen. Our vanilla flavor adds a hint of natural sweetness.
How does Chocho benefit the planet?
As it grows, Chocho fixes nitrogen deep into the soil, improving the soil vitality and water retention capacity, and making the soil more fertile for future crops grown after it. Chocho thrives on rainwater alone and doesn’t require any pesticides or harmful chemicals.
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