Mikuna is Free of Oxalates

by Izzy Tector

Through our proprietary debittering process, we remove antinutrients from Chocho, leaving our products gluten, lectin and oxalate-free. You're probably aware of the possible digestive issues associated with gluten and lectins, but what are oxalates, and why should you care?

Oxalates are natural compounds present in most plants, where they immunize against insects, animals and bacteria. In fact, we wouldn't have as many plants were it not for their defending oxalates. However, in the human body, high amounts of oxalic acid can block the absorption of minerals and can bind to calcium in the kidneys, producing—ouch—kidney stones. Alas, we thank oxalates for helping to create our food, but we don't especially want high levels in it.

Not everyone needs to worry about oxalate consumption, but if you're vegan or vegetarian, your oxalate intake may be high, which in turn means you might not be getting enough calcium. If your healthcare professional wants you to limit your oxalate consumption, spinach and beets are your adversaries while Mikuna Chocho Protein becomes your arsenal. 


Free of oxalates (as well as gluten, dairy, lectin, gums and fillers) and with as much calcium per serving as a glass of milk, our chocho provides all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete, whole food protein that contains more protein than soy, pea and quinoa, combined. 

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