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Why is Protein Important? Here are 9 Ways it Benefits the Body

Dec 08, 2021

Health and wellness experts argue about the effects of fat and carbs. But almost everyone agrees that adequate protein is an important part of a balanced diet. If you’re wondering...

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Why We Use Coconut Sugar

Dec 24, 2020

Sugar has a bad reputation. The overconsumption of sugar in processed foods which are often void of nutrients has left many with health issues. In a search for health, people...

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Monk Fruit Benefits and Use

Oct 22, 2020

Photo: K8 What's the scoop on sugar? Sugar is one of those foods that we’re often told to consume in moderation. Not only can it spike your blood sugar leading...

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Architects of a New Generation:
How Punk Rock Influenced Veganism

Aug 28, 2020

Veganism and punk rock music may seem as though they have nothing in common, but diving deep into the history of punk rock culture reveals the intersections of these two...

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