Mikuna is Honored by Fast Company's 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards

by Ricky Echanique

Today, Mikuna is the proud recipient of not one, but two honorable mentions from Fast Company's 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards — in both the "Food" category and the  "On The Rise: 0-4 Years in Business" category.

The World Changing Ideas Awards honors innovative problem-solvers from all over the world actively tackling major global challenges like climate change, social injustice and economic inequality. Now in its sixth year, the contest awards ground-breaking policies, concepts, designs, products and organizations from entrepreneurs and nonprofits to large companies.

Judged on their impact, innovation, design, creativity, ingenuity and scalability, nearly 3,000 applicants competed in this year's awards across 39 categories. Entries were evaluated by designers, venture capitalists, thinkers and social entrepreneurs, and a panel of esteemed Fast Company editors and reporters selected winners and finalists.

On a mission to change the future of food in a way that has a positive and lasting effect on the planet, Mikuna is honored to be included twice in this year's prestigious list of honorable mentions. By thoughtfully scaling the cultivation of the ancient and naturally regenerative Chocho crop, we will catalyze nourishment for those who eat it, Andean communities who grow it, the regenerative system that sustains it and for the food industry required to serve a growing population. 

Thanks to our founder, Ricky Echanique, and his personal connection to Ecuadorian Indigenous farming communities, Mikuna is empowering Andean farmers through fair trade social programs and direct-purchasing contracts eliminating middlemen who erode farmers’ profit margins.

We are grateful for Fast Company's acknowledgement and for our community's continued support in helping spread the word about the wonders of Chocho and regenerative agriculture.

For the full list of previous World Changing Idea nominees, see here.

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