What Does Chocho Taste Like?

by Samantha Page

Chocho is a lupin that contains more protein than any other plant source, and it also happens to taste amazing.

Mild and nutty, chocho's neutral flavor is similar to that of a sunflower seed. This makes it perfect for blending with other ingredients because it will enhance rather than dominate other flavors. Chocho adds dimension to any recipe: It melds into hot cereals, creates richness in smoothies and works beautifully as a partial, gluten-free flour replacement for baking anything from breads to cookies (for best results, we recommend replacing 30-40% of the flour in any recipe.) Chocho can also be sprinkled into soups, yogurt, sauces or salads. Since our Pure Chocho is simply a whole food that we mill into a powder, its taste is clean and light, and its versatility is endless.

We also offer both Cacao and Vanilla varieties of our Chocho Protein Powder, each with only five ingredients total, and Chocho of course being the sole source of protein. Unlike many of the powders on the market, MIKUNA is not too strong or overly sweet, again making it ideal for mixing with other ingredients. 

The Cacao we use is—chef's kiss—Organic "Arriba" or "Nacional Cacao" from Ecuador, also known as Fine Aroma Cacao, and our Vanilla is organic vanilla extract. Both of our flavored Chocho powders are lightly sweetened with organic monk fruit extract and organic coconut sugar. We don't use Stevia, and it's also nice to know that our monk fruit does not contain erythritol. (By the way, we prefer monk fruit because it is antioxidant-based and has minimal impact on blood sugar levels.)

New to Mikuna and not sure what to make? We have lots of great recipes, and here's a simple one to get you started:

Ultimate Chocho Coldbrew

1 Cup Your favorite Coffee, Chilled (or 2 shots your favorite Espresso + 1 Cup Water)

½ Cup Your favorite Unsweetened Almond or Oat Milk

¼ Cup Mikuna Pure, Cacao or Vanilla Chocho Protein Powder 

1 Frozen Banana

1 tsp. Cinnamon

Handful of Ice

Mix well in your blender, serve with a spoon to start and then enjoy each sip.

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