Whole Food Protein vs. Isolates

by Izzy Tector

At Mikuna, we know how important finding the right protein source for your unique health is. A macronutrient that all humans need to survive, protein makes up the enzymes that catalyze many essential chemical reactions that keep us alive. Protein also directly supports our brain, muscles, skin, and hair. We can consume many different foods to fulfill our daily protein needs, but not all protein sources are created equal….

While it is important to make sure your diet contains enough protein, evidence actually shows that what matters even more for long term health is not the quantity, but the source of the protein. In short: it's about quality, not quantity! 

 In today's complex food system, and with so many heavily processed powders and supplements on grocery store shelves, it can be challenging to navigate what the best protein sources for your body, lifestyle, and long term health are. One important distinction when making this choice is to realize the difference between whole food proteins and protein isolates. 

Chocho is a whole food protein. What does this mean? When you consume a plant that has protein, you also consume all of the other nutrients and vitamins that also make up that plant. These nutrients, including healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants, are vital to healthy bodily functioning, and in facilitating long term health. As a whole food protein, chocho is the package deal, delivering a high protein content along with the nutritional and anti-inflammatory benefits. By nature of their nutritional content, whole food proteins also leave you feeling satisfied and fuller for longer, curbing hunger and stabilizing blood sugar. 

Protein isolates, on the other hand, are composed only of protein, and are stripped of the nutrients and vitamins found in whole foods. These isolates are produced through chemical processes which extract the protein from whole foods. For example, pea protein isolate is extracted from a pea. In practice, eating protein isolates is like taking a vitamin C supplement instead of eating an orange. 

Protein isolates lack important components of the plant they are extracted from, like antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients. Additionally, many protein isolates are highly processed. This processing requires the use of synthetic chemicals like hexane, and the residue these chemicals can pose unfortunate health risks to consumers.  Eating too much processed protein also has the potential to cause digestive issues and harm overall gut health. 

So what's the long story short? Whole food proteins prove to be significantly more favorable for your health! Not only do you get more nutrition, but when you consume protein from a whole food source, the other macronutrients that the protein is “packaged” alongside slow your body’s rate of protein absorption, which increases efficient use of protein in your body! This process greatly boosts your metabolism !

Packed with the goodness of whole plant nutrition and free from any added isolates, Mikuna provides the complete nutritional package. Elevate your protein intake with Mikuna Chocho and savor the benefits of a truly nourishing experience!




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