Why do plant proteins bloat you?

by Izzy Tector

Have you ever found some plant based proteins leave you feeling uncomfortably bloated? Have you ever wondered why this is? The main culprit is a sneaky compound called lectin. 

What is lectin? Lectins are carb-binding proteins known to cause bloating and digestive problems. (hint: they’re what beans are famous for.) Consuming raw lectins has been shown to cause problems in human digestion, including nausea, gas, and bloating. Many plant based protein sources, including pea protein, contain these lectins, which means they may leave you feeling heavy and bloated. 

Mikuna’s Chocho is proudly lectin free. While the raw Chocho beans contain lectins at the time of harvest, our debittering process removes the lectins, making all of our products lectin free. This process leaves us with a clean and pure plant-based protein source that is easily digestible! 

Additionally, most plant-based proteins on the market are processed to create protein concentrates or isolates, through extraction or isolation methods. These processes often involve stripping some of the original nutrients of the protein to isolate a portion of the plant. Besides creating waste, this isolation process makes most protein powders hard to digest and increases the chances you may experience bloating.  

Mikuna’s Chocho protein is non isolated and non extracted, meaning that we keep the original nutrients of the plant (Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Fiber), making it super easy for your body to absorb. And no lectins means no bloating. Because we believe that when you eat well, you should feel well.




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